4th International Conference on English Language, Literature and Linguistics (4. İngiliz Dili, Edebiyatı ve Dilbilimi Konferansı)

  1. Murat Öğütçü’s Presentation:
    • Title: “Songs and Turkish Shakespeares: Sonnet 66 Music Adaptations”
    • Murat Öğütçü delves into the intersection of music and literature, particularly focusing on William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 66.
    • Explores how Turkish artists have adapted Shakespeare’s sonnet into musical compositions, highlighting the universality and timelessness of Shakespeare’s work.
    • Discusses these adaptations’ cultural significance and artistic interpretations, shedding light on the creative dialogue between different artistic mediums.
    • Examines how music serves as a medium for the reinterpretation and reimagining classic literary texts, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.,

    Başak Ergil’s Presentation:

    • Title: “Çeviri; Shakespeare Okuryazarlığı” (Translation: Shakespeare Literacy)
    • Başak Ergil focuses on the concept of “translation Shakespeare literacy,” emphasizing the vital role of translation in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare’s works.
    • Explores how the act of translating Shakespearean texts into Turkish not only facilitates access to his works but also cultivates literary and cultural literacy among readers.
    • Examines the intricacies of translating Shakespeare’s language, imagery, and themes into Turkish, considering the challenges posed by linguistic differences and cultural nuances.
    • Discusses the significance of translation in democratizing access to Shakespeare’s literary legacy, enabling broader audiences to engage with his timeless themes and characters.
    • Highlights the transformative power of translation in bridging linguistic and cultural divides, fostering cross-cultural dialogue, and promoting the global dissemination of Shakespeare’s works.

Location: SDU Amphitheater Date: May 16, 2024 Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Murat Öğütçü Başak Ergil