4th International Conference on English Language, Literature and Linguistics (4. İngiliz Dili, Edebiyatı ve Dilbilimi Konferansı)

Murat Öğütçü’s Presentation: Title: “Songs and Turkish Shakespeares: Sonnet 66 Music Adaptations” Murat Öğütçü delves into the intersection of music and literature, particularly focusing on William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 66. Explores how Turkish artists have adapted Shakespeare’s sonnet into musical compositions, highlighting the universality and timelessness of Shakespeare’s work. Discusses these adaptations’ cultural significance and artistic […]

Othello (1995)

Shakespeare’s gripping story of the tragic union of a Moorish commander and a Venetian noblewoman stars Oscar® nominee Laurence Fishburne and Kenneth Branagh.   The 1995 drama picture Othello is based on the same-titled tragedy by William Shakespeare. Laurence Fishburne plays Othello, Irène Jacob plays Desdemona, and Kenneth Branagh plays Iago in this Oliver Parker-directed […]


Macbeth is a one-man play that is performed by DepoArt. The evils that come to light in Macbeth’s power of fear, on the brink of dark atmospheres, contradictions, blurred places and abysses, make us all think: How would we behave? Macbeth’s mystery draws us further in, confronting us with this question in the threads of […]