Huseynaga Rzayev

Graduated from the M. F. Akhundov University of Languages (AUL) with honour diploma; received the award for being most successful at the all –union conference held in Tblisi, the capital city of Georgia. Specialized in English Language and Literature. Worked as a translator in the Union of Burma. Taught English at AUL for over 25 years to maintain MA and Ph.D degrees. Headed English Language Departments at AUL and the Khazar University (KU), was the vice chancellor for research at UFL and education as well as the dean of the School of the Humanities at the KU. Since 2000 has been teaching English at SDU in Isparta, Turkey. Married with two children and four grandchildren. Specialized in General Linguistics; his academic interests include: text linguistics, language theory, philosophy of language, educational problems, writing, translation and communication.

Worked with the World Bank and the European Bank of Reconstruction; with different international teams directly participated in the highest level discussions and realization of various programs (Baku Water-Supply Program, Education System Elaboration, Agriculture Restructuring, Modernization of the Banking System, etc. ). Worked out the system of teaching of English as a Language of Instruction at the English-Speaking Khazar University.  Organized the Azerbaijan (The University of Foreign Languages) – Iran (Tebriz University) International Conference on theory and Teaching Problems of English.

Translated into English more than 5000 pages from Russian and Azerbaijani. The author of more than 80 articles and books. Published the 250-page “A Communicative Syntax of English (in Turkey in 2007) and the 600-page “A Comprehensive Reference Dictionary of Linguistics: Multidisciplinary Approach” (The First Volume: A-D letters) in 2016. Organized the first national interuniversity conference for MA and Ph. D. degree students in Turkey, the plenary meeting of which witnessed the special presentation of and interview with Noam Chomsky. Actively participated at various international conferences, published articles at internally recognized scientific journals. Working on “ A Comprehensive Morphology of English” (functional approach), “Philosophy of Language” and revising “A Communicative Syntax of English”.

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